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The customer (the "Customer") intending to contract the services of mobile telephony of Xfera Móviles, S.A.U. ("YOIGO") in any of the forms offered by it, may elect the portability, i.e. he/she may request to change his/her existing operator (the "Original Mobile Operator") to YOIGO and keep the mobile telephone number the Customer had before the change to YOIGO ("Portability").

The request for Portability implies the acceptance by the Customer of all these particular terms and conditions (the "Particular T&C"). These Particular T&C and the General Service T&C (for contract or card) or any other terms and conditions applicable to any contracted products and/or services shall be available at the web site www.yoigo.com

1.- Object.

Upon requesting the Portability, the Customer declares the following:

  • He/she wishes to terminate the services of their operator up to this time while keeping his/her assigned number.
  • He/she accepts the possible disruption or limitation of the service during the minimum period of time required for processing the change of operator on the operators' systems, such a time not to exceed four hours.
  • He/she consents to the processing of the personal data necessary to keep the numbers, both those included in this request and those known to the original and the new operators, and authorises their processing, communication and transfer for the sole purpose of keeping their number through the portability process.
  • He/she may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection to the data processed by the new operator at Xfera Móvile, S.A.U. (Ref. DATA), Avenida de la Vega, 15, 27100 Alcobendas (Madrid).

2.- Conditions of portability.

2.1 The term for processing the request shall be one day, and in any event the Customer may elect the date he/she desires within the 30 days following signature of the request. The Customer is reminded that this information is for guidance only. The original operator may change the said date on the grounds of the exceptional circumstances of an excess of requests. Should the original operator change the portability date, YOIGO will contact the Customer to inform him/her.

2.2 Acceptance of these conditions by the Customer will initiate the process of changing the operator. In accepting these conditions, the customer accepts the following clauses:

  • The Customer requests subscription to the service and at the same time states their wish to terminate the services of the operator currently providing the service, while keeping their mobile telephone number.
  • The Customer accepts possible disruption of the service at some point in the period between 2.00 and 6.00am on the day when the change of operator takes effect, in order for the operators to take the necessary steps.
  • From such time as the Customer accepts these conditions, the change of operator must be processed within one working day of submission, effecting the change of operator in the early morning of the next day, unless the subscriber has voluntarily requested a subsequent date for execution of the portability, and providing their request has not been refused by the original operator on one of the grounds recognised in the current portability specifications.
  • The operator to whom the Customer has asked to move must inform the Customer in the event that their request is refused, in which case they will inform them of the reason. For requests which are accepted, the Customer may ask their future operator for information about their request and on what day the actual change of operator is to take effect, free of charge. From this point onwards the Customer can make and receive calls with the new operator and the same telephone number, once they have inserted the SIM card supplied by the new operator into their mobile handset.

2.3 In the event that he/she has a complaint or claim, the Customer may call the customer care service free of charge on 622 from any YOIGO number or on 622 622 622 if calling from another operator (in which case the cost of the call will vary depending on which operator the call is made from), within one month of the time when they become aware of the cause of the complaint. When the Customer lodges a complaint, YOIGO must supply him/her with the reference number assigned to the user complaint. If the user does not receive a satisfactory response from YOIGO within one month, he/she may address their complaint to the following channels, in accordance with each body's own rules:

  • Consumer arbitration panels, either directly or through a consumer association.
  • Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society - Enquiry line: 901 33 66 99; Website: http://www.usuariosteleco.es.

2.4 The Customer may cancel the portability by the same means as he/she requested it, within the period stipulated to this effect.